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Hair Care


Q: How do I maintain my curly styles? 

A: Wear a hair NET not Bonnet (you can wear the bonnet over your hair net. Make sure to use Alternatives Mist or Hair Oil to moisturize your scalp.

Q: How often should my locs be groomed/retwisted? 

A: Every 6 weeks (for some every 4). Moisturize with Alternatives Oil or Mist as often as needed.

Q: How long can I wear box braids? 

A: Not longer than 2 months. Three if you get a touch up in between. Moisturize with Alternatives Hair Butter and/or Alternatives Hair Oil or Alternatives Mist.

Q: How can I keep my braids from becoming frizzy? 

A: Wear a scarf or du-rag every night. Spritz Alternatives Hair Mist on braids before applying the scarf.

Q: How do I keep my natural hair from matting? 

A: Part your hair in 2 or 4 sections, comb/brush and twist before bed. Moisturize if needed using Alternatives Hair Oil or Alternatives Hair Butter.  Never go to bed with your hair wet and definately do not go to bed with your hair wet AND in a ponytail.

Q: Does Alternatives Beauty Studio do children? 

A: No, we do not do children under 13. 

Q: What is Non Surgical Hair Replacement or Cranial Prosthesis?

A: These are services (for the most part) covered by your medical insurance company. It can be used for clients with Cancer, Alopecia or some other kind of hair loss. Made specifically for the person with the condition. 


Q: What should I use to remove my makeup? 

A: I personally like Ponds Cold Cream.  I’m really not into the makeup wipes unless it is after my Ponds.

Q: What age should my daughter be able to wear makeup?

A: That is a personal choice, however, there are light options for your teens. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams.  My daughter was wearing makeup early because she was in competitive cheer (no foundation though).

Q: I have problematic skin, should I wear makeup? 

A: Some skin conditions can be worsened by wearing makeup, especially if the tools (brushes/sponges) are not clean.

Q: How often should I wash my brushes/sponges? 

A: If you wear makeup daily, wash your brushes weekly (don’t let more than 2 weeks go by without washing them). However, if you are like me, I don’t wear makeup everyday so I wash my brushes once a month. *Tip: After washing your brushes, lay them flat on a towel.

Q: What can I use to wash my brushes if I do not want to use makeup brush cleaner? 

A: You can use a small amount of baby shampoo or a very small amount of Dawn dish soap.


Q: If I do not wash my brushes as often as I should, what is the consequence? 

A: Makeup brushes hold bacteria.  If your brushes are not clean, it can cause your skin to break out.

Skin Care

Q: How can I properly clean my face?

A: Use cleanser specifically for the face! Such as Alternatives Wash or Alternatives Cleanse. Harsh soaps not made for the face will cause dryness.


Q: How often should I clean my face? 

A: Twice a day. Hydrate face twice as well.

Q: Is it really important for me to moisturize my face? 

A: Yes! Especially in the winter as the cold weather is very drying. Use Alternatives Hydrate!!

Q: How often should I exfoliate my face? 

A: Well, personally I only exfoliate once per month because my face is sensitive.  I use Alternatives Exfoliant.

Q: How often should I get a facial? 

A: Every 6 weeks if you can.  Schedule a basic facial with us!!

Q: What is paraffin?

A: It is a wax for your hands and feet.  Great in the winter.  Great for dry hands and feet.

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